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Exploring The Road to Strategy

Seventeen years ago, I embarked on a thrilling journey as a creative mind. The excitement of channeling ideas to transform a generic cosmetic brand into a high-end luxury leader fueled my passion. Witnessing my first creation fluttering proudly on flags at golf tournaments, embraced by Bollywood stars and acclaimed fashion designers, filled me with pride.

Yet, the journey took an unexpected turn when the brand’s founder, for whom we toiled tirelessly, faced a business failure. The disappointment hung heavy, but over a poignant lunch, the founder candidly revealed the flaw in our strategy. It hit like a bolt of thunder, awakening me to the importance of strategic thinking.

Enter Wally Olins, a chance encounter at a design conference. His gift, a book that would alter my trajectory toward strategy. As the Creative Director at a prestigious agency, I discovered a glaring gap between creatives and strategists. Determined to bridge it, I delved into books on strategy, devouring insights from “Playing To Win” to “Your Strategy Needs A Strategy.”

To deepen my understanding, I enrolled in an MBA program at the University of Bradford, unveiling a realm of new concepts and business terminology. However, it was my leap to Andarakis Advisory that marked the profound transition from a creative to a strategist. The shift was a roller coaster, balancing ambiguity with logic.

The journey taught me a crucial lesson – strategy, contrary to popular belief, is not solely a science; it is an art. It demands a zing of creativity. My creative roots became the bedrock of my strength as a strategist. This realization mirrored the innate abilities of Alex Andarakis, a true creative seamlessly intertwined with laser-focused strategy.

In the end, my creative suit became my strongest asset in the world of strategy, proving that the marriage of creativity and strategic acumen is not just a merger of disciplines but a symphony of success.

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